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Personal handwriting font including Signature only US$14.95

Design your own font on paper and FontGrinder will quickly convert it to an OpenType font for use in Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. The whole process can be completed within 15 minutes.

Test your completed font online for free. Once you are satisfied with the result, purchase and download your font for a very affordable US$14.95 (+tax in some locations). If you want to make changes prior to purchase you can submit a new template as many times as you like and it wont cost you a cent.

Base the font on your own handwriting or a more artistic lettering style if you are feeling creative. Why not make your own personalised dingbat fonts (fully scalable).

Remember there’s no obligation to purchase so take us for a test drive. Get started at Step 1.

Some great ideas for using your unique custom handwriting font:

  • Scrapbooking & Journaling: Save time by using your computer to type your journals or create your scrapbook pages. You will retain the personal appearance of your own digitised handwriting in your work.
  • Invitations: Weddings, parties, anything! Use your child’s personal handwriting font to print invites for a party or use your grandmother’s handwriting font for your wedding invitations.
  • Marketing: Mailouts sent in a “hand addressed” envelope are far more likely to be opened. Personalise your advertising by using your handwriting font in key areas of the document.
  • Card Making: Make life easier by using your personalised font in your card making. You’ll save time whilst still retaining a handmade appearance.
  • Childhood handwriting preservation: Keep a digital record of your child’s handwriting each year by creating your child’s handwriting font.
  • Digital Signatures: FontGrinder fonts includes your signature (if you desire). Sign your typed documents from within your wordprocessor with a simple key press (signature is assigned to carat “^” key.)

Get your very own font within 15 minutes, so let’s get started with Step 1.

Creating a font is easy and risk free. All you need is a printer and a scanner.

You can have your very own font within 15 minutes. Get started with Step 1.

Customer Feedback

12th May 2009
“It was my husband, Kurt, that created the font. He has been talking about it so much I wanted to surprise him with the ability to type with it on word and other programs. I actually tried to make it myself but I don’t really have the programs for it and it would have taken me forever anyway…so glad I found your page! I will be sure to let anyone know that is interested in making a font.”

Kelcie & Kurt Koerner

16th May 2009
“Wow! Thanks Graham… We’ve really enjoyed using your service… and I’ve been telling people about it… I’m glad I found your site!”

Jennifer & Casey Cruciano
(St. Augustine, FL, USA)