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Who owns my font?
First of all, we never share personal information without permission. Uploaded files and generated fonts will be removed from the server within 10 days. Ownership of a generated font is moved to you as soon as we’ve received payment for the font.

Theres too much space between some characters, how can I fix it.
FontGrinder automatically determines spacing based on the furthest left and right edges of a character. This can sometimes lead to some characters having excessive spacing depending on your handwriting style. A common cause is a very wide tail/descender on the letters j, y and g. To correct this, try making the tails of those characters extend a little less to the left when writing the sample. We can also correct this manually upon request for a small fee.

I would like to create my font in Adobe Illustrator. Can I generate a font using a .ai or .eps file format?
No, but you can try to open the template inside your image editing software, and then draw the characters inside the cells. Then save it as .jpg and upload it to the site.

I just downloaded my font but I can’t find it on my computer. How can I install it?
We can’t look into your computer, but you may have likely saved your font on your desktop. If it is not there try searching your computer for the filename. The filename will be whatever you named the font plus a .ttf extension on the end. For example if you named the font “John” the the filename would be John.ttf . Remember that you should also receive a copy of your font via email as a backup so don’t forget to check your mail.

How do I insert my signature into my document?
If you provided a signature with your lettering samples then you can place the signature into your document using the Carat key “^”. This is usually found on US keyboard layouts by press Shift + 6. If you think of the Carat as being an arrow, it may help you to remember which key to use.

My handwriting style is connected cursive, can I create a font with FontGrinder?
Whilst you can create the cursive character shapes using the automated system, there will be issues with regards to the connections between characters (in most cases they wont connect correctly). In this case we recommend using our manual font production service at Please understand that this is a complex process and as such more expensive than the automated service. Each cursive font takes many hours to produce by hand, compared to just seconds using our automated process.

Can I use my font in an email?
Whilst this is possible, its not usually recommended as the receiver will also already need to have your font installed on their PC prior to reading your email. If they dont have it installed it will revert to a default font.

The characters in my font don’t all sit on the line evenly.
This is a result of how you filled in the template. Please ensure that you follow the guidelines with regards to character placement on the template. If you want your font to have a “ragged” baseline then you don’t have to be too careful with placement, after all, its handwriting not a newspaper column and some degree of messiness will make the font look more realistic. It may make it easier if you place a lined sheet of paper under the template you are working on, provided the lines are dark enough you may just be able to see them through the top sheet to give you an extra guide. If you have done your best but still cant get the characters to sit straight on the line, consider editing the scans yourself in an image editor, reposition the characters and save the image again before uploading. NOTE: Be careful not to move/delete/cover any of the grid lines when you adjust the characters.

I managed to download my font via the site but I didn’t receive an email with it attached?
There are likely two possible reasons for this, the first is that you filled in an incorrect email address when you paid (did you receive a receipt?). Secondly your junk mail scanner or the ISP that you are using to filter mail may be a little oversensitive to file attachments. Make sure to check any bulk mail folders in case it has landed there.

My font is too thick/thin.
The automatic system uses your sample to decide how to shape each letter. If your pen is too thick then the font will appear very bold. If it is too thin then it will be very light. Ensure that you are happy with your font before making a payment and don’t forget that you can test your own sentences as many times as you like before purchasing. If you are unhappy with how the sample looks, feel free to complete the template again and process another font. Its free to create and test, so make the most of this feature.

My font has dropouts/scratches in the characters
Please ensure you are using a pen with consistant inkflow. Use of ballpoint pens may result in a font that contains “scratch marks” or “drop out” areas within the strokes. Whilst this can sometimes add an artistic effect to your font, you would mostly want to avoid this.

My font is cut off at the top of bottom.
You have written a little too close to the upper or lower region of the box, try moving the characters away from the edges a little more. If you have an image editor software you may be able to digitally cut and paste the characters within the boxes a little more accurately after scanning.

I’m reasonably happy with how the font turned out, but I would like to make some changes.
If you have created and paid for your font but feel there are a few aspects which may need some fine tuning then please contact us and we may be able to help. Note that there is an additional fee for manual editing and in most cases it may be more cost effective to complete your font again if you feel this will fix the issue. Be sure to use the preview facility to check your font thoroughly before purchasing.

The font doesn’t look like my handwriting.
The automated system can only work with what it is given, if you complete the template in a way that is unlike your natural handwriting style then your font will also have an unnatural appearance. The best tip I can give is to try to relax, don’t think too much about each character or else they will appear “mechanical” or even childlike in some instances, Ive seen template handwriting samples where the author has seemingly reverted back to the way they may have formed the characters at school, but that are now very different to their natural style.

Try to complete the template quickly and if you make a mistake don’t go over the top of it again to correct it. Its better to start the sheet from scratch again if you really mess up a character. In my experience, customers sometimes start out writing exaggerated character shapes before slipping into a more natural style by the time they have filled a few boxes. Remember, if it looks unnatural then try again with a new template before purchasing. If you have skills in using a graphics editor, you can scan a blank template and also scan another sheet containing a few lines of text that contain all the numeric and alphabet characters such as “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG. You can then digitally cut and paste the individual characters into the template and the results will be even more realistic if done correctly. Ensure that you dont damage the layout of the grid if attempting this method.

Can I change the size and colour of the font?
Yes, whilst the preview doesnt currently support this feature the final downloaded font will be fully scalable and you can also adjust its colour in your wordprocessor. You will also be able to adjust the character and line spacing etc, just like any other font. Fontgrinder fonts are of higher quality at larger point sizes when compared to some similar services.

Does the font include kerning pairs?
“Kerning pair” is a term used to describe how a character reacts in terms of spacing when paired with another character. FontGrinder fonts do not currently support this feature.

Will I be charged sales tax?
Customers in US states and countries where sales tax applies will be charged an additional amount. Clickbank determines if this applies at the time of sale based on your location and you will be shown any applicable taxes before you purchase. Clickbank remits any collected taxes back to the relevant tax agencies. We do not have any control over this process.

Im not happy with my font, can I have a refund?
We provide a facility for you to check your font and test it online prior to purchase. It is important that you do this BEFORE purchasing as in most cases refunds are not possible. We may provide refunds in some situations but this is decided on a case by case basis.

I spotted a problem on your site.
Please let us know if you see any problems with our site, this includes typos or errors. If you can describe any error message and what you were doing before the error that would be helpful. We appreciate all feedback.